Waiting list and waiting times

1. How should waiting times be understood?
Waiting times depend on various factors, and are only an estimate. For example, it may depend on whether you wish to live in a room or an apartment. It also depends on the time of year. For example, the waiting time if often three-four months longer in august/september than in the spring. 
We cannot predict when a room/apartment will become available, who will accept/reject an offer, who applies to move in on which date, who changes their desired housing on an application etc.  Therefore, the waiting times are only an estimate – an average- and we are therefore unable to state how long you will wait to be offered your desired housing.
If you wish to increase your chances of securing housing before your education begins in august/september, we recommend that you apply to move in in may/june, as the waiting time is shortest then.

2. When can I expect to be offered housing?
You can see on your application how much seniority your application has earned, and refer to the estimated waiting times. 
3. How long is the waiting time if I have a child/children?
Families with children or single parents with dependent children are on equal footing with other two person applications. This means that you will not receive a housing offer more quickly than other applicants if you have children or are pregnant.
4. I am pregnant. Will I be placed higher up the waiting list?
No. Please see the question above. Be aware however, that if you will be a single parent/guardian, you can apply for a two room apartment (create a one person application) from the twelfth week of pregnancy. Remember to send documentation in the form of a copy of your pregnancy record.   

5. What if my desired move in date is exceeded?
If your desired move in date is exceeded, we assume that you want to move in as soon as possible.